Connecting Dots

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‘Everything is connected to everything else’ — From Netflix series Dark, makes you wonder about how things are connected and can change the scenario which you wouldn’t expect. Okay, spoiler alert!! Jonas, the son of Mikkel found about his future with the help of his future self … I got you there, right?!😜. Having said that it makes us think about how one could find a way just by looking at the clues. Clues are something that gives us an idea about other things, makes us speculate about the things that could happen in the future, and something that could help us to solve the maze.

Clues are a piece of information and the information in a format that gives you details about a person, place, clothes, products, services, and many more. For example, if you are into fashion or products wanted to know what’s happening there, what new trends are coming. then what you do? you go to google, search for it, and voila! you can see different trends, apps, and all other different sites related to it on your screen.

This information is coming to you from different databases handle by different people. people who have the knowledge, who are capable to handle so-called ‘Big Data’.

As you searched for different products and make a decision to buy them from online sites, they’ll ask you about different details such as banking, personal, etcetera. And these details you are giving will connect with your Google account. By following this traditional method of making an account doesn’t it make you curious about why they have linked everything into one ?!

For most and obvious reason is Storage…Duh!! To reduce the storage problem many universities and scientists making research about it. One article said you can now save your data in DNA format, Tech-savvy people start making cloud systems more advance and flexible, and many more.

In conclusion, Connecting everything into one could help to mitigate the situation that can occur in the future and create a path to communicate with different systems just like Claudia connecting clues from Adam’s and from Eva’s world to prevent an apocalypse !!😜




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nidisha mandlik

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